The Brit Iron Rebels (BIR) was established in January 2004 as a worldwide group of individuals focused on the preservation, restoration, and promotion of true classic and retro styled British motorcycles, their related events, discussions, and camaraderie between people around the world who share a passion for the same. The BIR is a club based on the retro style of the Rockers of the 50’s and 60’s in Great Britain. Born on the Internet with regional worldwide chapters called clans, the BIR currently spans 10 countries worldwide, as of 2007.

The Brit Iron Rebels is an incorporated entity comprising worldwide Clans. The governing body of the BIR approves each of these Clans.

The BIR sponsors meetings, benefits, and scheduled rides. We also participate as the BIR in many other motorcycle related events.

The BIR is NOT an M.C., Outlaw, 1% group, a Harley-Davidson club, a political or religious group; nor are we a club open to just any kind of rider or enthusiast. Our membership encompasses all classic and retro British motorcycle enthusiasts: the collector, the purist, the racer, and radical customizer. Riders of all backgrounds are welcome to apply for membership. Together we create a network of contacts, ideas, friendships and enthusiasm essential to ride and appreciate classic British motorcycles.